Hey Hey Hey It’s Not Fat Albert

18 05 2009

Hey people of Planet Cazmo!! Guess who this is?

Well I’ll give you hints, and about 2  or 3 days.

I’m a Beta (No duh)

My name is an animal

I quit for a few months

I like rock and roll

I like porkchops

Ok that’s it and I’ll check in a few days.

Guess in the comments and for my WP name I put you gotta guess so you can’t just look at posted by —–

See how smart I am?

Well anyway I’m coming back from quitting and whoever guesses who I am will have a page on my new site that I’m going to make!! (That I’ll tell you later)

Anyway, see ya!

~_____ :mrgreen:


My Site

26 03 2009

Hey if u guys liked this awesome site u will like my awesome site too! To check it out go to wyseofpc.wordpress.com
Thanks for taking your time to visit my site


SITE CLOSED!!!! (Visit http://planetcazmocheats.net )

17 10 2008


Also known as http://jamesrz.wordpress.com


http://planetcazmocheats.net      http://planetcazmocheats.net

http://planetcazmocheats.net      http://planetcazmocheats.net

Join the PCPP!

28 08 2008

Hey cazmos! I have made a site not for the purpose of news, it was created for cazmos that want to help Planet Cazmo!   http://www.pcpp.wordpress.com

My plan: to have many Planet Cazmo sites that like to improve Planet Cazmo in anything to come join me for the ultimate plan. For example, I want to get the PcPeace owners and other owners of projects to make PC a better overall place at once!

Rules: No bad words! ( you want to keep PC safe

Try your best!

Get new people! ( tell people about planet cazmo and help new people that come)

Be nice!


You dont need anything to join! I will also make you a badge to put on your site! For each project that joins, get it’s own page to describe what there project is. THAT DOESNT GIVE ME THE POWER TO OWN YOUR PROJECT!


Full Quest Guide

23 08 2008

Here is a picture showing where you could get all the items. The outlined ones are the ones where you could get them:


  1. Location: Drinking location (purple)
  2. Place: Down-right

Treasure chest:

  1. Location: statue island
  2. Place: Middle


  1. Location: Sunset island
  2. Place: Right

Here is some pictures of where the items are in those places:

At the end, go to the spot that I outlined in the first picture. It is the spot which contains an arrow pointing to some words. When you reach there, go in the pirate ship, and talk to Pete. He will give you the suit. To wear the suit, click on the My Stuff icon, then then body icon, and then Pirate Suit. And there you have it. The full quest guide for you! Have fun!

Special thanks to Cazmosgang at cazmosgang.wordpress.com for helping me find the Pirate Hat!

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Green Hover Car Returned!

20 08 2008

Hey guys Jimbercane again. I just wanted to say, that the Green Hover Car is available in the Spaceship market. It is for 4,200 coins. If you don’t know where the Spaceship market, is, then click on the Shopping bag icon on your chatbar, then, on Spaceships. You will find the Spaceship there.

planet cazmo cheats


Cazmo by the MILLOINS

19 08 2008

Cazmos by the millions is a project that has currently just been launched. The name stands for itself! We are going to get MILLIONS more cazmos on Planet Cazmo! This is very important for Planet Cazmo. Since beta is ending soon, Planet Cazmo will get more stuff running, and become much larger. They will add a volcano area, a Skate park, and MUCH MUCH More! So go to http://upload.addictinggames.com/ and fill out the form.

So now you’ve read the passage, and you want to help! Copy everything above, including this, and comment on http://www.planetcazmoblondes.wordpress.com under, I’ve Helped Cazmos by the Millions Project! You may get a special gift!
(I didnt write this post,I copied it, it said so)